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DDoS Attack Policy

If you have a server with us that is not on our DDoS Protected Network, and your server is the target of a malicious DDoS attack, we must, and will take action to protect the rest of of the network to ensure the quality of service to other servers on the same network.

If your server becomes under attack, we may null-route your IP address to mitigate the effects on the attack until such time we are satisfied that attack is over. If your server is attacked multiple times, we will consider it 'high risk' and you may no longer be able to continue using the server. You will have an option to upgrade to our DDoS Protected Network (which normally will mean a change in service fee) or the service will unfortunately need to be terminated.

All 'high risk' servers will require DDoS Protection, so if you believe your server may be the target of an attack, DDoS protection would be required from the start.

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